Skilled Migration (SC190, SC189, SC491)

We specialize in Skilled Migration visa subclasses (SC190, SC189, SC491). Our comprehensive services include eligibility assessment, skills assessment guidance, points test advice, state/territory nomination assistance, Expression of Interest preparation, visa application support, and ongoing communication.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (SC482 and SC494)

We specialize in helping clients secure the Temporary Skill Shortage visa, designed for skilled workers who have been sponsored by an approved Australian employer to fill a position that cannot be filled by an Australian worker.

Student Visas

We assist clients in obtaining student visas, enabling them to pursue their educational goals at Australia's world-class institutions.

Skill Assessment

At Real Dreams and Associates, our team of experienced and accredited migration agents is fully qualified to perform skill assessments for individuals seeking to migrate to Australia.

Training Visas (SC407)

Our team helps clients secure training visas, enabling them to participate in structured workplace-based training programs and enhance their skills and expertise in their respective fields.

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) (SC400)

We provide assistance in obtaining a variety of working visas, empowering clients to pursue rewarding employment opportunities in Australia and contribute to the local economy.

Visitor Visa Application (SC600)

We assist clients in obtaining visitor visas, enabling them to explore Australia's beauty, visit family and friends, or attend short-term business activities.

Migration Solutions

Our expert team offers bespoke migration solutions, including strategic planning and tailored advice, to help clients navigate the complexities of the Australian migration system and maximize their chances of a successful outcome.

PR Pathway Counselling

We provide in-depth counselling on pathways to permanent residency, offering personalized advice based on clients' unique circumstances, skills, and qualifications.

Parent and Child Visas

Our team provides expert assistance in obtaining parent and child visas, supporting family reunification and strengthening the bonds between loved ones.

Business and Investment Visas

We help entrepreneurs and investors secure business and investment visas, facilitating their entry into Australia's thriving economy and fostering growth and innovation.

Compliance and Sponsorship Services

We assist Australian businesses in navigating the complexities of employer sponsorship and visa compliance, ensuring they meet their legal obligations while benefiting from skilled overseas talent.

All Other Kinds of Migration Assistance

Our extensive range of services covers various other visa subclasses, including partner and family visas, skilled migration visas, employer-sponsored visas, and more. We also provide support for visa extensions, appeals, and citizenship applications.

Visa Refusals and Cancellations

We offer professional guidance and representation for clients facing visa refusals or cancellations, advocating on their behalf to secure the best possible outcome.